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Ecotourism is about more than simply visiting natural attractions or natural places. It’s about doing so in a responsible and sustainable manner. Ecotourism has been hailed as a panacea: a way to fund conservation and scientific research. Our aim is to protect fragile and pristine ecosystems, benefit rural communities, promote eco-friendly development in Pakistan. We enhance ecological and cultural sensitivity, instill environmental awareness
and social conscience in the hearts and minds of our customer.


Why We Support EcoTours

Sahr Foundation accepts the responsibility to protect the endangered habitat and stands side by side with EcoTours in its idea to promote eco-friendly development in Pakistan. Sahr Foundation supports EcoTours because it understands the importance of protecting natural resources while touring and visiting beautiful places. We believe that ecotourism efforts in protecting natural landscapes from waste build-up, pollution, and destruction will create a greener environment for Pakistan, resulting in advanced tourism in the country.

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