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Kainaat Studios

Kainaat Studios is a non-profit that focuses on sparking curiosity about our universe and sharing the joy and wonder of astronomy to Urdu speaking people both inside and outside Pakistan. It creates lively astronomy videos on YouTube for adults and for school-going kids, as well as podcasts about personal stories that intersect with science. This digital content is complimented by on-the-ground outreach in Pakistan in the form of Kainaat astronomy clubs in schools and collaboration in the creation of exhibits for science museums.


Why We Support Kainaat

Sahr Foundation believes that a broader public understanding of science is essential for a healthy society in the 21st century. Astronomy captures the imagination of people across the age spectrum and that can lead to an interest in science and how the universe works. Furthermore, the cosmic perspective provided by astronomy can help us overcome prejudice and divisions that are common in many places on Earth, including South Asia. We are proud to support Kainaat Studios in its efforts to share the joy of science in Urdu.

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