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Insan Culture Club

Insan Culture Club is a not-for-profit organization that will host music events from progressive thinking artists, musicians, and charities to address some of the socio-political injustices on human rights in the South Asian diaspora. Insaan Culture Club aims to provide secular, informal, socially conscious, creative, and thematically South Asian events that audiences from all backgrounds can participate in.

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Why We Support Insan Culture Club

Sahr Foundation believes in the Insan Culture Club initiative to promote the Human Rights cause. With the increase in conflict within South Asian communities in the UK and internationally, one thing that generally unites these communities is music, art, and culture. Developing a network of progressive thinking voices from all sectors of the South Asian communities especially those from minority Ethnic groups. Insaan Culture Club aims to bring social change and peace with music, dance, sports, literature, film, and art.

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